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Pt1: 22/01/19       Results
Pt2: 23/03/19/      Results
PT3:13/04/2019  Closing date 29/03/2019    Entry form on Face book
Pt 4:                     Closing date
Pt 5:                     Closing date
Pt 6:                     Closing date  
Pt 7:                     Closing date  
Final Results
Crystal 2016
Crystal 2017         Level 1     Level 2    Level 3     
Crystal 2018         crystal 2018 Leader bd
Traditional style Fun shows for club members and invited guests consisting of:
  • Jumping, Agility, Steeplechase competitions Plus a Game. .
  • The competition runs will be aggregated for overall placings,
  • There are three competition levels. L1,L2,L3
  • Grading levels via Highdown Challenge & assessment with Lesley)
  • Trophies for Level winners and Medals to all handlers at each event.
  • Points will be accumulated over the series and the Handler/dog teams with the highest aggregate points for the series at each level will be presented with a ‘Crystal series” Bowl at the annual handlers Xmas party.
  • There will be 7 -8 shows over the year,
  • Invited guests run for clear round Medals only
  • Points also count towards the Highdown top dogs of the year competition.
  • Hot drinks, Doughnut included during the sessions.

The Crystal series was launched recognizing that not all members of the Highdown team wish to or are able to travel around the country competing.

Accepting that each run is a challenge the crystal series allows all competitors to accumulate points for each and every run that they complete including eliminations (which qualify providing the course is completed and a time is taken.)

The Crystal series is set over seven competitions, each competition consists of four runs: Jumping, Agility, Steeple chase and a Game with all heights competing against each other. In each run the fastest clear round wins with placing’s to all competitors. Eliminations are taken at the point of elimination i.e. jump eleven with the time taken to complete the run. All runs are then placed in sequence with the fastest clear allocated 1st place.

The points for all four runs are accumulated to give the overall placing’s for the competition after any run offs are completed

The placing’s are then added to the leader boards. The team with the highest accumulated points will receive the prestigious  ‘Crystal bowl’ at the annual awards party.

Example if there are 20 handlers
1st place     = 20pts
10th place = 11pts
20th place =   1 pt

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