Top Dogs

The “Top Dog” season runs from 1st December till 30th November annually
The “Top Dog” competition is the annual record of you and your Dogs results from open and Highdown competitions throughout the year.
Competing against your peers, the Dogs that accumulate the most points during the season, in their level, will be this year’s Top Dogs!
In recognition of your achievements Trophy’s will be presented annually.

Dogs/Handlers are graded by using the definitions below;

  • KC and UKA gradings are irrelevant for this award.  Highdown Agility grading rules apply.
  • The level that you enter at the beginning of the season will not change EVEN IF you change levels
  • Only dogs in regular training with Highdown Agility may enter, this includes dogs taking regular one 2 one instruction
  • To be eligible your dog must compete in a minimum of 2 Highdown Challenges during the year.
  • A dog may only be entered in one level
  • Points are acceptable from all shows and classes including the Highdown Challenge except for Finals, Invitation only, Pair’s, Teams.
  • The Veterans class is for handlers 65’s years and over
  • All queries and disputes to Lesley Clare

Trophies are awarded to the following:

Highdown Level 1
Highdown Level 2
Highdown Level 3evel
Juniors (17 and Under)
Veterans (65 and Over)
Levels are taken from the Highdown Challenge grading system

Points system and record sheets can be found here >>      Top dogs comp points